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CeramicJet printing is used to build your design in Ceramics. The printer builds up the model from bottom to top, layer by layer. A roller puts a thin layer of ceramic powder on a platform and a print head places organic binder at specific locations, printing a thin layer of your model. The platform lowers and the roller spreads another layer of powder. This process is then repeated until your model is completed.

The powder bed containing the printed model is removed from the 3D printer and placed in a drying oven. Drying increases the strength of the model though it’s still fragile at this point. After drying the model is extracted from the powder bed and excess powder is removed. The part is then fired in an oven to gain strength.

After the first firing, a pre-glaze coating is applied. The coating is dried and then fired for the second time. Next, the objects are glazed and fired for the final time. Now the shiny smooth glaze coating is evident.